The advantages and disadvantages of earning on YouTube


Most modern methods of earning on the Internet have a set of pronounced advantages and disadvantages. Analysis of all positive and negative factors will never be superfluous.Moreover, such analytical work will help determine the need to involve their labor and financial resources in a particular case. One of the most popular ways to earn money online today is to maintain a personal YouTube channel. However, in this case there have also been positive and negative qualities. If you look at Youtube from the point of view of Internet work, then there is a significant amount of inconvenience and bonuses.

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing sites in the world. But even for all its scale and popularity, this service can not provide its authors with carefree and unlimited conditions for Internet earnings. Every day on the platform of this video hosting there are a lot of new beginning bloggers, however, not many people are thinking about the forthcoming difficulties.Thus, having worked for a couple of months in the field of video blogging, novice authors abandon their channels, and the reason for this is the lack of timely assessment of their capabilities.

you can identify a number of pronounced qualities of YouTube, which have a positive and negative impact on the ability to earn money. Knowing all these qualities, you can easily predict your personal opportunities in the area of ​​earnings on Youtube, on the basis of which we can conclude that all initiatives in the field of video blogging are advisable. It is this topic that we will devote the text of this article, revealing in its composition the main advantages and disadvantages of earning through video sharing YouTube.

Criticism on the part of the viewer

Negative aspects of earnings on Youtube:

We start with negative factors, and the first of them is the probability of stress loads. YouTube is not only a positive experience, impressions and likes, but also constant criticism and dislikes. There is a rather large number of video bloggers, for whom spectator criticism becomes a serious source of stress, which, in turn, can negatively affect the quality of the published content.

The cost of creating content

The second important factor that all newcomers face is the need for labor and material costs to create content for the channel. Whichever content you do, you will always have to spend money creating it. Most likely, you will have to spend money on the purchase of high-quality equipment (microphone, video camera, webcam and others), and in the case of software, most of the costs will have to labor, since this work requires a lot of time.

The crisis of creative thought

No matter how ridiculous it was, this factor actually takes place in the field of Internet earnings with the help of YouTube. There are many ideas and material on which you can create content.However, they are not unlimited, which means that one day you will find yourself in a creative stupor. This phenomenon is quite normal for video blogging, and the solution to the problem can be covered on the nearest page of popular and current topics for Youtube.

Time of development

The key negative factor, due to which many authors are throwing internet work on YouTube, is the long development time of the channel. A small number of views, comments and other social actions – all this is to be done by every novice on Youtube. There is no generally accepted statistics on the development of the YouTube channel, since the time of its promotion is directly related to the financial and labor costs that the author decided to sacrifice. There are many channels that have long sought popularity. For someone this time is a few months, and for someone a few years.

Content Content Policy

“Ignorance of the law does not absolve from responsibility” – this is how you can characterize many stories of videobloggers caught in unpleasant situations due to non-compliance. First of all, we are talking about the norms that are regulated by the YouTube service itself. You can see them on the site about the user agreement. The second component is the laws of our country, which also apply to the field of video blogging. Call this factor negative – not entirely correct. Rather, it is a “red exclamation point” factor that some users forget about by posting inappropriate content on the network.

Presence of program barriers for earnings

How to earn on Youtube, if every second viewer has an AdBlock filter enabled? This question is asked by many novice authors who do not understand all the multifaceted earnings on Youtube. AdBlock is one of many software elements for blocking advertising on the Internet.As many know, the main share of the video blog revenue comes from earnings from advertising. So it was several years ago, when AdBlock was not so widespread and popular.But to date, this software component is installed on most user browsers, which inevitably leads to a decrease in the earnings of YouTube.

Expression of your personal opinion

Positive aspects of earnings on Youtube:

Well, now it’s time to talk about the positive qualities of working on Youtube. Quite a pleasant factor in making money on the Internet from YouTube is the opportunity to promote your ideas and opinions to the masses. This is really a pleasant side of such work, especially evident with the active growth of your audience of viewers.

Low entry threshold

One of the main advantages that allow you to start earning money in the form of blogging to every person is the low entry threshold. In simple words, to work on this video hosting you only need a minimum of knowledge in the field of video editing. All the rest will come with time, the time of development of your channel.

Search for new business partners

With the development of your channel, its attractiveness for business partners is also developing. A popular channel can bring a significant profit, acting as an advertising platform.The possibility of using your channel for such purposes is the following advantage of earning money on Youtube. After popularizing your channel, you not only increase the opportunities to earn money from the views, but also attract the attention of major advertising partners.

Multifaceted earnings

YouTube is one of those services where earnings do not stop at one affordable method.Working on this site, you can earn not only at the expense of video views, but also sell advertising on your channel, organize cash fees and receive donations on live broadcasts.

Creative development

The last advantage of the discussed way of earning on the Internet is the possibility of creative self-realization. YouTube – this is a real open area, offering you to practice the skills of creative work. Each author goes a long way before he becomes a professional in his field of amusement, and Youtube will help develop his creative abilities no worse than any educational institution.


So, before you all the pronounced positive and negative aspects of such a phenomenon as earnings on YouTube. Possessing such knowledge and predisposition to analytics, it is easy to determine the probability of successful development of your channel at the current time.YouTube is an excellent service that allows and allows you to earn money in the global network. With the development of technologies, the progress of YouTube’s development does not stop, offering each time new methods for monetizing its author’s channel.


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