Make Money With Your Video Camera


How much do they earn on video

Before you start the topic of earnings on video, it is worth considering: is it realistic to make money with your video and how to do it? Realistically, because even schoolchildren, by shooting Let’s Play, a video of how they play games and comment on what is happening, earn several thousand dollars a month. I’m not kidding. Indeed, it is. About how and where you can make money on your video, we will now consider.

Where can I make money on video

There are many video hosting services where you can earn on your video: YouTube , Vimeo,, Rutube and other unknown. Recently Vkontakte users also had an opportunity to monetize their video. You can also create your own video portal – a site where you will post your videos and monetize them, but more on that later. Now let’s move on to the genres of the video.

Genres of video and what better to choose

To date, a lot of video genres are known, but only a few of them are popular on the Internet: a pledge, Let’s Play, a trailer (especially popular trailers are amateur movie trailer reels), prank, parody and others. Also on the Internet are gaining popularity series like “Pavlik.” But which genre should I choose to monetize my video? Anyone that you liked best. For example, if you like shopping and shooting yourself on a video camera or doing reviews on games and movies, then choose a vlog. If you like playing games, then choose Let’s Play. Choose the one to which you are more inclined, and not the most popular. In any case, you will be able to earn, if you find your audience.

How to make a video so people like it

Of course, in a hurry to make a video for monetization is not worth it, because it will not cause interest in users. Imagine, you just shot on the camera, as you choose your pants and poured into your channel on YouTube. Of course, this can be attributed to a blog where you recommend what clothes are better to take, but the video can cause disgust, because it is not processed, there is no beautiful screensaver, entry and so on. How to give the video an exotic look? Everything is quite simple: with the help of video editor you can impose music, insert a logo or screensaver, crop off the points you do not like. This will give some color to your video, thanks to which it can appeal to people. Now the network has a huge number of video editors, in which you can process your video: Sony Vegas, After Effects, Pinnacle and others.

Do not make videos lasting an hour or more – users like to watch videos that last about 5-30 minutes. Attach effort and cut out unnecessary footage.

How to monetize your video

There are various types of monetization of your video: you can leave an advertising link in the description for your video, insert advertising in video, place an ad on top of the video (a similar method is on YouTube).

Where to post your videos

The first thing that comes to mind is the popular YouTube video hosting. Its advantages are obvious: recommendations on interests, fast loading of video, good quality of video, various kinds of monetization of the content. This distinguishes it from competitors like Vimeo or Rutube. What about Vkontakte, then this is a controversial moment, because there the video section just begins to develop and it’s too early to judge, but it’s still far from the popular video hosting.

Also you can create your own blog and post your videos on it. Monetization here is at your discretion. As an example, you can look at the video portal CarambaTV.

Start earning right now

If you have ideas for a video, start now. To hope for quick earnings is not worth it. Make quality content, and users will reach out to you.


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