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In the world regularly and steadily there are new applications for mobile phones and tablets, which enable us to earn on the Internet on yourgadgets and devices , installing a wide variety of software (programs, games) or evaluating them.

The advantages of this way of earning are: you do not need special education; the work is very simple (it can even be earned by a schoolboy ) and consists in performing elementary actions, you can earn almost anywhere where there is an Internet connection; due to the fact that applications are repeated in several services, the installation process is much easier, and the revenues are several times higher. Let’s get acquainted with the methodology of work in more detail.

Mobile earnings algorithm

To start earning on android (the most popular model) or any other type of mobile device, you must perform the following actions:
  1. Install several applications on your phone , from which you can then download the required software and get paid for it:
    1. AdvertApp
    2. AppCent
    3. PayForInstall
    4. Appbonus
    5. WHAFF Rewards
  2. Start the tasks available in the main list;
  3. Go to the fulfillment of partner orders (if any);
  4. Develop a referral program.

Schematically, this process can be represented as follows:

  1. The execution of each specific order is likewise subdivided into separate elements. In most jobs, you just need to download the application and run it, but the most expensive jobs require either to keep the program on the device for several days, or even to show activity in it or write a review.After choosing a specific job, you need to familiarize yourself with its terms of earnings , click on the “Start” link, which will transfer to PlayMarket or to a different page, download the application, open and perform the required tasks. As a rule, no confirmation of the steps you have taken is required: the services fix everything themselves, so that after the successful execution of the task you will instantly notice the replenishment of the balance.
  2. Very often, various projects from among the above offer to download the same applications for installations . Therefore, for successful earnings, you can first install the application through one project, then delete and install through another. Note for yourself programs, with the installation of which there were difficulties, so as not to return to them afterwards and not wasting time.
  3. In most cases, tasks are not very much offered, but all services cooperate with partners and offer to fulfill their orders (the cost will be slightly lower, but the work is much more). Often there is an opportunity to view short videos and receive a constant flow of money for this.When carrying out partner orders, you need to be cautious: if the service for some reason is not working, you will not be able to get remuneration through the support service, but usually the quality of partner orders is closely watched.
  4. The affiliate program is another great chance to increase earnings. Below we will look at the prospects of individual projects in the area of ​​partnership, but they all pay 10-20 percent of referral income unequivocally. You can build a partner network in natural ways, for example, advertised in social networks, or artificially: winding up profits through mail or other sites.

Comparison of applications for earning from the phone

So, we have allocated five luminaries on the android: WHAFF Rewards, AdvertApp, AppCent, Appbonus and PayForInstall, we will give them a small comparative characteristic in the form of a table:
Mobile applications for earnings
AdvertApp AppCent Appbonus PayForInstall WHAFF Rewards
Internal currency Rubles Coins (10mon = 1rub) Rubles Coins (10mon = 1rub) Dollars
Min. threshold for output Absent 10 rubles 1 ruble 15 rubles 11 dollars
Revenue with affiliate 10% of incomes of attracted users 20% of income 20% of income 10% of income 0.3 $ for each registered
Withdrawing money Yandex Money, Kiwi, phone bill Yandex Money, Kiwi, phone bill, etc. Yandex Money, Kiwi, phone bill, WebMoney WebMoney, Kiwi, phone bill Paipal 
Affiliate orders there is there is there is there is No
Bonus at registration (promotion code) 2p2sq3 4ZVQD1 YQZDG T1HGYJ8C FF79319

The most profitable in terms of affiliate program I got an App Bonus . AppCent also shows itself quite well, as no one pays any more for twenty percent of the income of the network built by you, this site is also convenient in terms of the number of directions for withdrawal.

AdvertApp is good because it allows you to earn as many videos as you like on video views: you pay 5 copecks for 0.5 minutes of viewing, a lot of videos are available.

It is desirable, again, to install all the above business applications (WHAFF Rewards, AdvertApp, AppCent, Appbonus and PayForInstall) and not just compare them, but try to earn on everyone, so that revenue becomes tangible. Let the minimum threshold for withdrawal of 10, 15 or 20 rubles do not scare you, because the higher the minimum, the more the service provides offers, so you can earn in any case.

You can also try other applications for earning:

  1. MoneyApp (code NRFIW5 for getting a bonus)
  2. AppCoins (code ubYd to receive a bonus)
  3. MobCent (code P7QOWG for getting a bonus)
  4. TapMoney (code 466483 for getting a bonus)
  5. Easy Money (code 27PQS7 for a bonus)
  6. NewApp (code abGoQ for getting a bonus)
  7. Globe (only viewing ads without installing applications)
  8. EzMoney (code 096460 for getting a bonus)
  9. Apptools

Tips for earning on Android and other mobile platforms

Here are some recommendations that will serve you well, if you decide to seriously start working in this direction.
  1. On most phones in the android system, a memory card is installed, but the device does not notice it for some strange reason and after insisting on installing several small programs it insistently signals: “Not enough space”.
    For a good salary you will need a lot of free space, as not always the applications can be removed immediately, they often have to be kept on the device for a long time (and very often downloaded files, especially toys, weigh a lot). Try to make it so that the memory card becomes visible to the device, otherwise normal earnings will not work.
  2. When the application is installed and payment is received for it – delete , do not expect that the service will give any additional bonuses. A new program may appear in the job list of one project first, then another, but if it is already installed in you, you will not be able to download again, so you will not be able to earn.
  3. When you begin to perform the task, do not interrupt anything until you complete it, even if the download promises to be delayed: during the execution of parallel actions, failures often occur: the service does not see the result of the work done and does not charge a reward even if you did everything correctly . The account subsequently becomes inactive, it can not be re-executed.
  4. Minimize the number of multimedia files on the device so that they do not slow it down, otherwise you will spend a very long time for very little money.
  5. Do not give up penny money , when there are no other options for work: you can watch video clips, for example, in public transport, while turning off the sound. A long trip will allow you to increase the balance of your cell phone or even to save money for a small online purchase.

Summing up

Earnings on mobile applications, if you approach it reasonably, sometimes turns out to be very profitable and profitable. It allows you to spend your free time with benefit, enjoy and replenish an electronic or real purse, even if not for large sums. If you still connect earnings in the VC, Instagram and Classmates , then in general will come out quite well.

Good luck to you! See you soon on the Site.


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