Ideas for Business without attachments. Writing Texts to Order

In addition to free sale of articles, a variety of text business is also the writing of texts to order.This type of earnings requires greater responsibility and a more serious attitude to work than in the case of free sale. However, revenues can be several times higher than those when working through a content store. What are the main differences between the free sale of their work and writing them to order? What do you need to know the copywriter who decided to switch to a custom form of activity?

The concept of writing texts to order

The form of activity of a freelancer working for an order is remotely similar to a hired job.There is also an employer (customer), a task to be performed and a contractor who is carrying out this task. However, the similarity ends here, since the performer is not the subordinate person of the customer. He also remains a “free hunter” who has the right to refuse the proposed assignment. Work on the order occurs in the following form:

  1.  The customer places an order on a special site of the text content exchange . The text of the order specifies the subject of the order, the requirements for the content of the text, the necessary keywords, the proposed cost and other technical information.
  2.  Freelancer finds an order suitable for him in the general list and submits an application for its execution. The application should be accompanied by a competent and coherent text, which indicates the reasons why the author believes that he is able to perform the work better than other applicants.
  3.  The customer reviews the existing applications and approves the one whose author (in his opinion) is better suited for the task. After that, the order comes into operation and is displayed in the corresponding field of the author’s account.
  4.  Freelancer performs work in accordance with technical requirements and sends it to the customer through a special form of the exchange. The customer checks and accepts the text.
  5.  The author receives the payment due to him on his internal account. In addition, the successful completion of the task increases the rating of the freelancer and his chances of obtaining a more expensive order.

This form of work is basic . Using such a scenario, beginners begin their work – copywriters.Subsequently, when the author has regular customers who are satisfied with his work, the form of activity can be slightly modified. At the same time, the copywriter is no longer looking for orders in the general tape, but receives them directly from the customer.

In some cases, the customer and copywriter leave the content exchange and work without intermediaries. However, both remain without guarantees of their own financial security and protection from possible fraud of the partner. In addition, such actions are a gross violation of the rules of trade in articles on content exchanges.

The main differences between free trade and custom work

Work on the order and free trade in texts, despite the external similarity, have cardinal differences. So, when writing texts for sale, the copywriter is free to choose the subject of the future article, its volume, select keywords, compose a description and headline. As a result, the finished article is solely the author’s fruit of activity.

In this respect, the work for the order is significantly different. Here the author is compelled to observe the volume of the article specified by the customer, to follow the conformity of uniqueness to the declared requirements, to add to the text key words and expressions, which are often rather absurd . As for the uniqueness of the text, it is necessary and with free sale. However, the exchanges accept articles with a unique index of 90% -95%. Some customers require that this figure is at least 98% – 100%.

Work on the order is also different and the rate of payment of articles. With free sale, no one can guarantee the copywriter of any specific time intervals. Article can be bought an hour after publication, can in a month. Some texts may remain unclaimed for more than a year. The customer is given a certain amount of time to check out customized articles. In cases where the customer does not have time to check and accept work, it is automatically accepted and paid for. In order to guarantee payment, the required amount is blocked in the customer’s account. This happens at the time of approval of the author’s application.

In addition to the above, when writing custom articles, the author has the opportunity to admit small grammatical and stylistic errors, if the customer tolerates such things. Of course, ideally the text should be 100% literate, but not only linguists who perfectly understand all the rules of the Russian language work on the exchanges. Most text content exchanges do not allow the sale of texts with errors. More loyal resources allow such works to be sold, but in one way or another label them as not too high-quality.

Refusal to pay and resolve complex situations

When working on an order there are cases when the customer refuses to accept the ready work and removes the contractor from the order. A similar opportunity is provided to the customer by all stock exchanges. However, there should be the following good reasons for refusal:

  1. Failure to comply with the terms of TK (incorrect text structure, incorrect inclusion of keywords, too small or too large volume of text, low uniqueness, inconsistency of the finished work topic)
  2. A large number of grammatical, punctuation, typographical, stylistic errors
  3. Failure by the author to fulfill the order

With a justifiable refusal to pay, the author’s rating on the exchange of articles is reduced, the customer has the right to leave a negative review of the author’s work. However, in cases where the refusal is unreasonable, the author has the right to appeal to the administration of the resource with a complaint. If the administration finds the complaint to be justified, the reception and payment for the work will be done forcibly.




As you can see from the above, earnings on writing articles to order is quite real. It is suitable for almost every one of those people who speak Russian at a good level and are able to write coherent texts. The amount of income in this case directly depends on the “length of service” of the author on each particular exchange, his professional skills and the availability of regular customers.

It is worth noting that the work on the order requires the author not only writing skills, but also an extremely attentive attitude to the conditions of the order. Given the availability of these qualities, custom texts are capable of generating a greater profit than the free sale of articles.


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