How to Make Money Using Your Phone


How to make money on the phone

The easiest way to earn money using a phone is to use the services that pay for installing applications and games. Among these programs, you can distinguish two of the most popular: AdvertApp and Pay for Install .

Earnings with Pay for Install

Tasks appear in the application 3-4 times a day, sometimes more often. It is noteworthy that in Pay for Install you can see the tasks that you missed, as well as the upcoming ones. For this it is enough to look in the section “Tape”.

For each task in the application there is a step-by-step instruction. For example, you need to install the application, and then open it. To do this, first download the application by reference from Pay for Install . Please note that when you download directly from Google Play, the task will not be counted.

After installing the application again go to Pay for Install and click “Open Application”. As a rule, after this task is considered completed, and coins are credited to the account.

In some tasks, you need to write a review and put an appraisal to the application. This requirement is indicated in the description, you only need to carefully read it before starting.

The advantages of the Pay for Install application: here they pay for the installation and usually do not need to perform other actions (for example, to accumulate a certain number of points in the game or to make a purchase).

You can withdraw the earned money to the purse WebMoney or Qiwi . The minimum amount for an application is 150 coins. The withdrawal request is processed in 5 minutes.


The application works on the same principle as Pay for Install . It is also worth noting that here you can take assignments from partners.

Assignments from partner services are often written in English. Before you begin, make sure that you have correctly translated the description. In many of them, you need to install the application and additionally perform some actions. For example, you may need to play the game for at least 10 minutes or earn a certain number of points.

To deduce the earned in this application it is possible through Qiwi, WebMoney , or on the account of a mobile phone. The minimum amount for withdrawal is not specified.

Pay attention: both options offer to earn on the affiliate program, inviting users. If a new member of the program registers with your link with a unique code, he gets a small reward and becomes your referral. As a partner, you get money for the tasks that they completed. As a rule, 10% of the amount.



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