How to Make Money on the Internet

Earn money using your computer

It so happened that I had to change many kinds of various earnings in my life and the first thing I decided to learn more deeply is the earnings on the Internet. With what usually begin? A standard question in the search engine: “How to make money on the Internet.” I’m sure that all who read my article on the site have already passed this action. Well and further business of technics. All sorts of options that differ little from each other. You start to wander around the sites in search of something, at least about familiar. And in the end you realize that you are in a dark forest and you are about to be eaten alive. Then think about how to understand all this, because it is interesting, then there are flashing figures of quite impressive sizes. Again a bunch of questions in the search engine, and again transitions to sites …

Where and how to make money on the Internet

Well, what can I say – this is normal. For this, there are sites in which they write about how best and on what projects to work. By the way this site is no exception. In the basis of the site, I laid down all the basic directions for earning money on the Internet. So to say in a nutshell in the most accessible language. To be honest, I’m not going to lay out to you any super techniques for earnings or tell how best to cheat this or that casino. I believe that everyone will decide for themselves what interests him in the end.

If you take in general earnings on the Internet , you can safely answer that you can earn money . And you can withdraw them, and accordingly bring them to your not a virtual wallet, you can also. The question is only in quantity. Well and one more nuance – do not believe that doing nothing you can make money almost to the car every week.

So, How to make money on the Internet?

There are a lot of ways to make money on the Internet, but the main ones are trying to disassemble, and you have to decide which of them is yours or several ways of yours – the decision is yours. Combining several ways to earn money – you can get a good income, it all depends on you. Let’s name the main ways of earning money on the Internet.

Method 1. Passive earnings with high income

The modern rhythm of life – constant work, business meetings, traffic jams, the bustle of city life does not allow us to fully relax, relax in the first place for the fact that tomorrow everything will be fine in your life.

You can not be sure that tomorrow you will not be fired from work, you can not be sure that you will not be delayed by a salary. Therefore, I recommend using the unique Internet resources in your own way, where you can not only entertain your free time, but also earn money!

Golden-tea – An innovative project in which you receive real money at home. The project was created by competent programmers and experienced designers, as a result you receive an effective and most importantly, honest earnings . In order to start earning , you just need to pass a simple registration.

Method 2. Earnings on binary options

Work on the exchange is very common on the Internet. I think, in our time, few people have not heard about binary options. Such exchanges on the Internet can be found even more than you can imagine. For example, for me, every day an advertisement of such exchanges comes to the e-mail, and if you still subscribe to the newsletter and newsletter, you will only be able to mail and read for 24 hours a day.

It should be noted that already many people from all over the world have become millionaires, working on options, even more people have not been successful in this activity. You can become a successful trader, you need to work hard for this, and not treat investing as a lottery.Revenue comes from the fact that a trader buys securities and currency cheaper, and sells it more.

Method 3. Earnings by freelancing

This way of earning requires certain knowledge or skills from you. For example, you are well versed in the layout of sites or are a talented designer – welcome to the freelance exchange (remote work) Work-zilla . You execute the order and get paid for it. The customer instructs you to work on a project, and upon the fulfillment of all requirements pays you the cost of your hard work.

If you can write beautiful texts or even have a solid four in the Russian language school, you can try yourself on the stock exchanges. It’s still easier, you choose the service industry:

– rewriting (copying other people’s texts in your own words) – copywriting (writing unique author’s texts) – translation (translating texts into other languages) – SEO (text optimization for search robots)
Further, you fulfill the order according to all the requirements of the webmaster and receive payment for the works, in this case the exchange acts as the guarantor of the transaction.Freelance is the most promising type of earnings without investments, since it is more like a normal work activity.

Method 4. Earnings in social networks

In social networks, you can not only communicate, exchange video, listen to music and upload photos, but also earn. And earnings in social networks has many options.

Execution of tasks. Tasks can be different, you can: join groups, put likes, advertise public goods and perform many other actions that can only be performed on the Internet. Also in the social network, earnings are developed in groups and public places. You can become the administrator of the group, where the salary will depend on the interest on the money earned from advertising. You can create your own public or buy, and then you can work for yourself, but it will take time to promote the group.

The Vktarget system has a huge number of advantages for both performers and advertisers.

Method 5. Earnings on writing comments and feedback

A significant role in the acquisition of our products is played by customer comments . That iswhy it is advantageous for a supplier to have such kind of feedback on its products . And , of course , sellers are willing to pay for it .

Such earnings are very simple and very profitable . The essence of it is that you write a review of a product and get paid for it . The amount depends on the goods and the arrangement , usually for one comment you can get about 15 – 20 rubles . The conditions are simple , the payment is decent , and this does not lead to a big waste of time .

Method 6: Earnings on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular video publishing services . In order to make money on it , you need to work hard , some take a year , or even more . Money arrival occurs only if you haveyour own channel and videos on the same channel , as well as when you connect the affiliateprogram .

It’s easy to guess that nobody will pay for the air , which means that you will have to assembleyour audience and have an activity not only thanks to the cheating . You should be watchedand evaluated by real people not because you paid them for it , but because you are reallyinterested in watching . Only thanks to this approach to this method of earning can yousqueeze out of it all the juices .

Speaking more specifically about the earnings itself , the key moment is the placement ofadvertisements on the channel . The more you have subscribers , the more your audience andactivity , the more large amounts you will receive . There are absolutely no limits to earnings inthis way , only your personality is important . Make it so that people are interested in watchingyou , and get an unlimited amount of money .

Method 7. Earnings on affiliates

Basically, all earnings are tied to one chain of actions. That is: you earn, earn accordingly on you and on those whom you invite. And now a little more. In 99% of projects or types of earnings (as you are more comfortable to understand), there is a partnership program . The bottom line is that when you register on the site for any type of earnings or on a website related to the possibility of withdrawing money, you become, someone’s referral. That is, found on any site a link or a funny picture, clicked on it and got on someone’s link to work. Worked and received money, everything as in ordinary life. But! In addition, you have also helped the person whose link you passed, since he received referral interest from the system.

Now imagine that you registered on the earnings site on viewing commercials for example.They published their link, (say in any social network), which is given to everyone after registering on this or that site, and went on leave for a week. Come, and there are 200 people in your team, that is, they went through your link and registered. Well, naturally they worked all this time, and each earned an average of $ 20. Your referral percentage, set on the registration site, at the same time is 10% of earnings from each registered with your link. Total it turned out that while you were on vacation, your referrals attracted by you worked for you. Well, it is not difficult to count, that they brought you all together on average $ 400. This way is real, but it’s not easy to achieve this, so that you have so many referrals, and working referrals!

Again, attracting referrals is a whole science. So basically all those who make money do it.Many write books, create courses, well, or sites, for example, like this site is also created for earnings. (How do you understand in the process of reading this article, I promise, I will not wait for a long time, I already wrote in the beginning that in a nutshell.) I think that attracting referrals depends on your ingenuity and your patience together with the desire for victory. Well and if to understand, one of the best ways of attraction of referrals is first of all advertising of the goods (links, etc.) for money. Usually the average price of such a pleasure on the sites is about one dollar for 1000 hits of your resource. This all in most cases pays off dozens of times.

Summarize the referrals: if you decide to do earnings on the Internet, then be prepared for the fact that you will simply need to come up with your strategies for attracting referrals, well, or to use proven ones. More detailed information you can find in search engines, the main thing is that you already had to understand the essence. Now let’s move on to variants of all sorts of enrichment. Just note that on the Internet every day there are all kinds of earnings, but if you work, then you will directly have to be in this industry and you will learn the news about this almost immediately. Over time, learn to share advertising for the right and not necessary, profitable projects or not. As in any work, you just need a little practice and everything will turn out.

Well, now let’s move to action . To begin with, I just advise you to do a tour of the sites, spending a little time on it, but it will arm with visual links and graphic banners. On most sites they are repeated (that is, people are looking for themselves referrals simply expressing themselves) can only change the surface names or picture, after the transition, which again you get to the same site. You can, of course, go through the registration everywhere, but personally I do not see this as necessary. Imagine that you are going to work immediately in dozens of construction organizations and in each work for 20 minutes. The effect of this will be approximately the same. But on one project I do not advise you to stop. To start, you can choose 5-10 sites (this is more than enough). In the future, it will be possible to allocate more perspective or convenient sites for yourself.

Method 8. Earnings on site viewing

If you take the ” Bucks ” as an example for earning, then I mostly use them as an advertisement. When you register, you specify your e-mail address, so I advise you to create a separate mailbox for these purposes (no matter what, I personally use @ To you on mail will come letters, after viewing, which you will receive money. Here it will not be difficult to understand, in the extreme case it will be possible to disable this function. Basically, the earnings on the boxes are divided into four types. Reading letters (description above), clicks (this is when you go through paid links on the site in the clicks section and receive a cash reward for this), surfing (here you have to browse the sites in a given period of time.

Usually it is from 15 to 60 seconds. After that you get a reward, well, then you decide either “home” or to the advertiser’s site, if, of course, the site of you than anything interested.) Well, such an item as “tasks” is in all the booklets (this is when you are given a task, let’s say find the phrase “make a living without investments” in the text of the site and click on it to go to another site where you need to write this phrase.Naturally, the variety of tasks does not have boundaries, from simple registration by reference to writing articles, and for execution you also get money .)

Money on the sites are credited in different currencies, usually a dollar and a ruble. There are sites where, in addition to earning in a monetary unit, you get more and loans. Credits can then be exchanged for money on the same site, or simply pay for their promotion of their advertising links. Keep your hard earned money on the advertiser’s website. For their withdrawal into your pocket, you simply can not do without electronic wallets. I personally use Webmoney and Qiwi wallets. (If interested, then you can find information about where to buy the purse.)

Now we can sum up the “axles”. If you want to, you can earn money, not huge of course money, but such earnings can be attributed to the category of profitable. Again, do not forget that in addition to your work in the calculation is the work of your referrals. People who will be registered under your link and will work, can bring you ten times as much profit, than you yourself earn, working in the same project. If you are interested in earning money on bouks, then I can suggest a few that I myself use and complaints or claims for non-payment I have not had.

Method 9. Earnings on auto-surfing

So, after you have, say about five – seven sites for work, and you want to diversify your earnings besides that, we can safely experiment on something else – no matter. For example, recently the system of automatic surfing is widely spread. (auto-surfing). On the Internet you can find a huge number of such sites. The essence is simple. Run the program from the site and it in auto mode starts browsing the sites, and you get money or credits for it. A good thing, only you need a reliable anti-virus program, you never know.

For example, my friend lives on this. In this kind of earnings he has long, and knows which sites are worth visiting for more money while doing so with a minimum risk for his computer.And then once in a couple of months reinstall the system. I can use it as a way of earning, I use it myself, but do not overdo it, do not start simultaneously at 20 sites, earning on auto-surfing. Well and for absolutely lazy. I can advise here this program. There really is nothing to do, except to include (download the program from this site, it is there alone, in the settings of the program put on auto inclusion when you start the computer.) And the rest she does herself. No viruses! You can withdraw money both on electronic wallets, and on the phone, and what’s most pleasant – all this without a commission.

Method 10. Earnings on writing articles

If one of you in your childhood was very fond of writing personal diaries, writing poetry, or just very fond of writing essays and essays at school, then you can use it in practice in this form of earning as writing articles.

By the way, you can earn good money on this. If in a nutshell, then write an article, for example, about how best to fertilize strawberries and prevent it from harmful insects. And accordingly expose your article for sale. If you are interested in this way of earning.

Method 11: Network Marketing

Well, how not to write about such types of earnings as network marketing and all sorts of pyramids. Here is a purely personal choice of everyone.Who – is this good “earns”. Personally, I have the very notion of the pyramid as a form of income, causing suspicion. So you are, in fact, investing your money to someone in his pocket, and earnestly waited, who is also a pleasure to make you. But if you look on the other hand, it is very tempting to look all these pyramidal lines with a very impressive tsiferkami, so to speak strongly acting balm prescription psychologist. Frankly, I myself tried his hand in this difficult picked up the steps of the pyramid. There is a project called “two friends” need to invest just 90 rubles, that you are supposed to return back (it all depends on your luck and diligence in their referral link advertisements).

As far as network marketing, it is, in my opinion, the whole science, which appeared quite a long time in the labor market. Here the meaning of selling products to customers and to attract more of the same as you – the future sellers in their team, while using all sorts of links, videos, etc. My girlfriend’s sister works for a large network marketing organization that specializes in sales of organic food. In the pocket of her I did not look, but life does not complain, and feedback on the positive.

Again, this is my personal opinion, and with all the views it the same, most likely, will not. So I advise to largely deal with the use of personal practice.

12. The method Earnings on online games

So in conclusion on the topic I want to share with you the views of the two other types of income. This is an opportunity to make money on online games , and most importantly – the creation of the site. As to the first, then money, playing online games is real, but it takes a lot of time and effort. It just seems that the play is simple. I mean to play while still trying to win, because there is the possibility that you could lose. Or, say, slow down the development of your game character, and then it turns out that the time has passed for nothing, and in fact, as we know the time – money. I liked the game online my land. I was even able to take off on her own expense $ 60. If you are interested I can explain in more detail here.

Consider earnings in the online casino, I will not, then everything is clear, otherwise they are not banned. I, for example, my ISP bans, when I try to go to the casino gaming site or a site of this type of system. If you are so reckless, you can, of course, and risk – all in your hands.

13. The method Earnings on economic Games

Well, another type of gaming earnings is a system in which you buy a product. This product gives you interest. Well, I can give the example of such sites as the harvest, your garden, honey, mushrooms and so on.

The bottom line is that, say, you buy a tree, say an apple tree, which will bring you apples. In the future you can change them for money.  (But I can say at once that here you first need to invest money, though not big)

Method 14: Download photos

Earnings in photos – you can earn and by placing your own photos on special sites (photoshots). The profit here will depend on how many people view the uploaded photo.

Accordingly, to get a good profit, you will have to try and upload not simple amateur photos, but beautiful photos of proper quality. You can earn about 200 rubles per 1000 views.

Method 15. Earn on polls

Earnings on polls are a specific type of earning in the network. The meaning of it is that you go through surveys (fill out the marketing research questionnaire of a company), and you get paid for it with little money (an average of 50-150 rubles per survey).

The problem is that the polls are very small, and the criteria for getting into the number of the interviewed audience are varied. You simply will not pass according to the requirements to the majority of studies (by age, availability of cars, place of residence, etc.). Among the pluses can be a relatively short time of the survey (most often no more than half an hour, and if you do not fall into the category, then a few minutes).

  Method 16. Earnings at the Captive Input

Each person , wandering the vastness of the Internet , has repeatedly faced with theintroduction of captcha , but not everyone knows that this can also earn on small expenses .One of the main advantages of this work lies in the fact that this does not require anyprofessional skills and knowledge .

This way of earning is perfect for people who do not expect a large amount of money , have at least some free time and access to the Internet . In order to earn this method , it is enough justto enter short combinations of random letters in the input field or simply to answer simplequestions that , in turn , will help the system determine whether you are a real person .
The payment for such work varies from approximately 0.02 to 0.05 rubles per one unraveledcombination . Thus , depending on the speed and quality of your input , you can earn from 20to 40 rubles per hour .

Method 17. Create a blog and earn money on it

The easiest way and at the same time effective – earnings on the blog And in order to rely on a substantial income from the blog, it is better not to contact free hosting, and immediately buy a good paid hosting and a second-level domain name. In the aftermath, this justifies itself, since free hosting and the third-level domain names appended to them are ranked worse than blogs with a second-level domain name on paid hosting. If you do not understand the terms used, and generally, you are not aware of how to create a blog – there is nothing complicated in this, creating a blog in modern conditions can be learned quickly enough.

And in order not to be wasted on the blog, because we plan to create it on a paid basis, but without initial investments “from the outside”, you can earn the original amount necessary for its placement by copywriting. It will be enough to earn for 3-4 months of the existence of the blog. In the future, the blog itself will pay for itself. Generally, you can earn money by copywriting on the Advego website, but it’s not everyone who can make this method of income the main one. In addition, income from blogs is usually incomparably greater.

Method 18. Earnings on Forex

Forex is a word that is heard by almost all Internet users. At once we will tell that on Forex actually it is possible to earn, for the beginning it will be necessary to have some capital, as a rule, not less than several hundreds dollars.

It should be noted that already many people from all over the world have become millionaires, working on Forex, even more people have not been successful in this activity. You can become a successful trader, you need to work hard for this, and not treat investing as a lottery. Revenue comes from the fact that a trader buys securities and currency cheaper, and sells it more.

Method 19. Earnings on file sharing

File – exchangers – in addition to other earnings, there is no less profitable kind of raising money capital. The whole process is reduced to placing the files on the Internet.

If you have interesting information, create your own video tutorials or just have programs, games that will interest other users – do not miss the chance! Read the article on file sharing on this site and start earning right now.

Method 20. Earnings on your site

So it came to the main thing – to create your site as a way to make money online. About the creation of the site in a nutshell can not be said, because it is not easy to follow the link or perform another task on the “boux”. There is a lot of literature, sites, video materials on this topic. I will not enumerate all this. Yes, and at the first stage, I advise you to just limit your earnings to your site. If you think that you are quite ready for your resource then you are exactly here. The creation of your website will give you great opportunities for earning money on the Internet. And the most important thing is the opportunity to advertise your projects and sell various products …

As you can see, people who know or are able to work in the above mentioned ways of earning earn money online. This list is not the limit of opportunities for earning money on the Internet network – it can continue for a long time. But most importantly, if you learn how to earn money on at least one of them and slowly learn other ways, you will eventually be able to reach large peaks and tell others how to make money on the Internet. Just start earning today on the Internet. Good luck and great success


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