How To Make Money By Writing Reviews


During the crisis, many are looking for additional ways to earn money. On the Internet you will be offered different ways to supplement the family budget. An inexperienced user may encounter scammers . It’s good if you do not lose your money, but only time. Over time, everyone has a question: can I make money on reviews? To answer it, you need to consider several factors.


How to earn on feedback

You could repeatedly read reviews of ordinary people on different sites (find them possible turn search). Have you ever thought about those for which they write their opinion about the product, upload photos? The answer is simple: they get money for this. If you have a desire to earn feedback, you can start to publish your opinion about any product.Obligatory conditions: the volume of text from 500 characters (the number depends on the resource) and personal experience. To earn more, you need to write a lot and regularly. It matters not only the quantity, but also the quality. Your feedback will not be read unless you insert pictures in them and write empty phrases.

Who pays for the reviews

Thanks to the feedback from the usual authors, the site receives visitors. The amount depends on how much the advertiser will pay to your site. The more visitors, the better. The site isinterested in attracting new users. If you start writing reviews, some of the profits the site will give you in gratitude for the fact that you attract visitors.

How to write a good review

You need to prepare photos beforehand. Take bright and clear pictures. If you do not have a camera, use the phone. Shoot with daylight. The response should be useful information. You do not need to write a lot of text about how you bought the product, who gave it to you and the like. Tell only what the unknown visitor will be interested in. Reinforce said photos. The text should be pleasant for the reader. Do not write everything in bold italics . Allocate only the most important information.

How to write a review header

Interest the visitor to what you are telling. On the feedback sites now there is a huge competition. The product you are writing on can be popular, but it is not certain that it is each visitor who will open your review. The title should not disclose basic information about the product. Write intriguing headlines. Make the visitor look to you. Use such tricks: “You will not believe …”, “You will be shocked …”, “Incredible …”, “You will go mad if you see …”. It’s these big words that attract people.

How much you can earn on feedback

This is the most important question for beginners. Earn millions without even dreaming . You still have to go to work to provide for yourself. Writing reviews will give you a little extra income. The advantage of earning on reviews is that money will always drip. If you wrote a review a year ago, and the topic remains relevant, then you will consistently receive your pennies. The more reviews will be written, the more you will earn.

First time per day can drip just a few cents. Over time, the bill will go to the dollars. When you will be credited 50 dollars a day, you will understand that the game is worth the candle . For this profit, you will have to write a few hundred high-quality and interesting reviews. To start earning on reviews, you need only a wish and some free time.


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