How to earn in Social Networks


Many who are interested in working on the Internet, probably heard about earning in social networks. This method of generating profits has arisen in connection with the growing popularity of social networks and is still one of the most effective ways of advertising on the Internet.

The essence of earnings is that the accounts (profiles, pages) of users of social networks that are characterized by a high number of views are of interest to advertisers of a particular resource. Therefore, representatives of sites that need promotion, offer these users a fee in exchange for placing their ads on the pages of these people. This is quite convenient because you do not need to create your own site for advertising and promote it, you do not need to send SPAM, but simply agree with the owner of the account that is popular in this social network. In addition, in this case, the high efficiency of advertising placed on the walls of the pages will be ensured, since a large number of visitors can see the information.

The most important plus in this for the account holder is that you do not need to invest anything and do it in order to make a profit. It’s enough just to ensure unhindered placement of advertising on your page – and income is secured. But there is another problem – not every user of the social network has a page with a sufficient level of popularity, so you need to create conditions such that the account has a large number of views. You can do this in various ways: the simplest and most common option is to collect a lot of friends (or subscribers). Previously, this was extremely difficult, since the search for people took too much time, and the whole procedure was stretched for many months. Then users of social networks found a solution to this problem – special groups were created, to which people were added who were engaged in increasing the popularity of their pages. This allowed to speed up the process of recruiting friends and significantly increase the total number of views. Another method of increasing the popularity of the page is more effective, however, not everyone can take advantage of it. For example, if the account holder submits his own product and uses the page to post information about this product, this will allow you to type the number of views by visiting the account by Internet users interested in the product (they may not be registered with this social network).But this option is suitable only for those who are engaged in advertising.

However, the administration of social networks, as a rule, does not approve of such use of the pages, because it considers it to be a kind of SPAM. Therefore, certain sanctions are imposed that limit this activity (for example, in the social network “VKontakte” the maximum number of friends is 10.000 people, and so on). But this problem is easily solved – there are no such restrictions for groups. Therefore, you can engage in not promoting pages, and promoting groups , which is even much easier, because the group is more suitable for advertising information. Information about groups can be placed outside the social network on other resources, including forums, blogs and so on. People who are interested in this group, as a rule, register on the Web (or are authorized) and join the group. But even if the entry does not take place, the popularity of the community still rises due to viewing.

In addition, in a social network, all groups are placed in descending order of activity, that is, the most popular communities are always on the search list in the first places. The same trend is observed when searching for these groups in the browser without authorization in social networks. This means that the more views the community has, the faster its popularity will grow.

But there is one more important point that should be known to those who are going to promote their own group: in order to attract more people there, it is necessary that the theme of the group and its main information be interesting and relevant. Moreover, the design of the group, the design plays an important role. Regular replenishment of the wall of the group with new material helps to increase the interest of people in this community and, as a consequence, increase the popularity of the group.

Earnings in social networks are currently quite large and, according to analysts’ forecasts, the number of employees in this field will increase in the next few years. This is reinforced by the fact that social networks compete with each other, and therefore, are forced to stimulate their development.


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