Earnings On The Internet Using Your Phone


The rapid development of mobile technologies has also affected the issue of earnings. Now you can earn using your mobile phone while lying on the couch. The income turns out, of course, small, but allows you to pay for small expenses, such as paying for the Internet, buying sweets, inexpensive items, etc.

There are several ways to earn money with your phone. For each of them, separate applications have been created, in which it is necessary to carry out tasks and receive money for this. Most of the applications for earning on the Internet from the mobile can be downloaded for free on GooglePlay Market and Appstore services.

To earn money from you you need a smartphone on the operating system Android or iOS and access to the Internet from this device. The withdrawal of money occurs to the account of your mobile phone or to an electronic account, for example, Webmoney .
Let’s consider each type of earnings details

Downloading apps

Downloading applications is the next job: you need to download the application specified in the job. After that, you are asked to rate the downloaded application in the service from which you downloaded it. For each downloaded application you will receive a small amount of money. You may need to leave a comment on your assessment, but the fee for such a task will be higher. One of the popular products for earning by downloading applications is the AppRating program.

Earnings on the performance of small tasks

You can earn on performing small tasks with the help of such an application as Cashpump and other analogs. Here are some examples of tasks:

view the video on Youtube and put it live.

add to the group on VKontakte.

leave a review about the store on Yandex.Market.

In the main mass, these are exactly tasks that do not require any effort on your part, but at the same time worthy of paid.

Involvement of referrals for affiliate programs

You can call your friends to earn money on the phone with you, and get an additional increase due to the use of an affiliate program . The people you attract are called referrals . You will receive a percentage of each task they complete.

All you need is to get a referral link in the application for earnings and throw it to your friend or acquaintance. The referral will be registered in the application by your link, and you will receive income, due to the tasks that it performs. And this will not happen at the expense of earnings referral. Revenue from the affiliate you get from a special referral fund, which accounted for the creators of the application.

Having worked this way about 1-1,5 hours a day for a month, you will feel a noticeable increase in your wages. Probably earning on the phone will replace you with work-outs, if you work in several places at the same time.


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