Earnings on sales of Mail


The World Wide Web presents a lot of services that provide users with a wide range of functions of different focus. This and the communication services, such as mail, ICQ or social networks. It can be and registrars of domains. Many of them are initially free. As an example, let’s look at the mail.

There are thousands of sites that give users the opportunity to have a mailing address for free.This is where you can make money. The logical question “How?” Is a simple answer. Most people want to stand out against the backdrop of the general mass of users. And you can do this, for example, by creating a unique and beautiful email address or an identifier in the social network. A short and memorable domain name will not only set you apart, but also help attract a user audience.

Earnings in the mail are quite profitable. The fact is that almost every one of us uses mail. This is a daily check and sending of messages, communication with friends and colleagues, business correspondence. It’s possible that your schedule will not change from the fact that your mail address represents a typed set of characters at random. But advertisers and companies that sell products or services, and also carry out consulting operations with users, very much need short and memorable logins of the postal service.

Very often firms, when building their own website, create their own mail server. This is beneficial from the point of view that all the addresses in their domain are free. But there is no exception to situations where users need mail on a free service with a login that matches the name of the company or department. And for the sake of such addresses they are ready to spend their money.

Earnings on the sale of postal addresses are also profitable because it does not involve any investment. No, of course, if you want, you can also resell, buying out addresses and reselling them at a higher price. But this method will suit more advanced users who already have experience in selling such a product. And the risk of spending money and not recouping them is very high.

Another plus of earnings on sale is that the registration for free services that provide mail functionality does not require personal proofs, passport data, and the like. So you can register as many as you want.

To start earning, you should do a lot of work. First of all, decide on the mail servers on which you will work. Next, you need to register on them. Here you need a creative approach, because you need to choose short names for boxes, at least sounding harmonious. A simple set of characters with numbers is not quoted among buyers, since such a box can register any.Having obtained a good database of addresses, you can also do it for sale. There are options for either selling one mail, or selling the entire database.

In each case there are pluses and minuses. The negative moment of the sale of the base is a small price of a unit of goods, namely one mailbox. But the sale will be wholesale, and due to the amount you can recoup the time and labor costs. Buyers, as a rule, are users or advertisers who need, for example, in the database for mailings or advertisements. To reduce the time to search for potential customers, they send messages to a whole group of contacts, covering a very wide range of users.

Earnings on the sale of postal addresses is a good business, because it is enough to remember how several years ago it was possible to register without problems the mail from three characters, but now the price for these addresses already starts from one hundred dollars.


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