Can I Make Money On The Internet?


Earnings on the Internet – this is what many users of the World Wide are dreaming about now.The fact is that to receive a certain income from activities that can be performed while sitting in a favorite and comfortable computer chair, would like the majority

people who use computers. However, finding money on the Internet is actually quite difficult, and, above all, because of fraud and “false” work. I would like to talk about offers of earnings on the Internet, which can be found quite often:

The Magic Wallet

You can see the proposals for the ” Magic Wallets “, which, in the opinion of the proposers, can double or even triple the money. In other words, you are offered to send some amount of money to an electronic wallet, and in an hour or several minutes you are promised to return two or three times more. It is interesting that the further actions of such scammers depend on the amount that you will send for the first time: if the amount does not exceed 10-20 cents, it is possible that you will receive money back, as promised – doubly. This return is aimed at making you believe in the magic of such a purse. However, when you send a more or less decent amount of money, you will not be returned anything.

Writing articles

The writing of articles in our time earns a huge number of people. Thus, if you know how to write competently, then you will be able to become a successful copywriter. Articles for sites should always be unique, that is, their copies should not be on the World Wide Web. Such earnings on the Internet can become both additional and basic for any user of the Network. There are two options for writing articles: copywriting to order or writing articles on a free theme for the content store.

Earnings on the blog

Creating your own website or blog is also an opportunity to earn money. Naturally, to create a successful Internet resource will need to spend their energy, and sometimes money. However, later work on the Internet with the help of your site can become very profitable. Some private sites on one advertisement can bring hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

Earnings on clicks

Surfing – earnings on the Internet, offered by special services to promote sites. You are invited to click on the links of different sites, for which you will pay a penny, and, unfortunately, a penny in the truest sense of the word. Really earn, of course, with the help of this method will not work. A few rubles a month will not be able to “warm up” in our time even a schoolboy.


There are also other ways of earning , which can also be useful for those who want to have extra earnings on the Internet. Work on the Internet is a reality, but you should clearly understand that there is no “freebie” here, but to make money, you need to make efforts. Good luck!



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