7 Ways to Ensure Good Earnings on the Internet


In this article, we will not consider such types of “earnings” as advertising, clicks on banners orparticipation in surveys . By and large – this is a waste of time and energy.

Let’s consider 7 variants of earnings, which are tested by time and recognized as workers.After acquainting with them, choose the suitable method for yourself and take care of its implementation instead of rushing about on the Internet.

Creation of own information goods and its sale

Let’s say that you have specific knowledge in any field. Then you

you can “pack” them into an information product, and then sell it to the audience that is willing to pay money for your knowledge.

Thus, you will earn by selling your information product, book or training course.

The advantages of this way of earning: your implementation, you can go to great profits, a fundamental approach to information business.

Cons : all responsibility for creating an information product lies with you.


If you have difficulties with creating your own product , you can buy the goods with resale rights and sell it. To do this, you need to find a quality reselling product, buy out the resale rights and legally become its seller. All revenue from sales will be yours, although you did not create a product.

Pros of earning: you do not need to waste time creating an information product.

Cons: you need the initial investment in the redemption of resale rights.

Sale of goods by affiliate link

Earnings on affiliate programs is a common type of earning in RuNet. It is especially attractive for beginners. To do this, you need to become a partner in a demanded product or online service, and then lead the buyers through their affiliate link to the right sites. There is a sale – you get your commission. The more sales, the more money. More sell – more and earn!

Pros: you do not need to create your own product, you can quickly start.

Cons: you need to be able to attract traffic to the selling site.

Contextual advertising on the site

This way of earning requires time investment, creating your own website , filling it with thematic content. On the site you place a block of contextual or teaser advertising. When a visitor clicks on an ad, you get money.

Pros: you can receive passive income from advertising.

Cons: you need to create a website, unwind it, it will take time.

Sale of advertisements on your website or in the newsletter

Having a highly visited resource, you can sell seats for advertising. Also, having a mailing list with a large number of targeted subscribers, you can sell advertisers to advertisers.

Pros: you create a source of permanent income, namely, your site.

Cons: you need time to create a highly visited website or blog.

Consulting and coaching before the result

If you are an expert in a demanded niche, then you can organize personal training, give recommendations, conduct consulting or coaching. For example, lead a person or group of people to a certain result.

Pros: you do not need to create an information product.

Cons: you need to find a form of interaction with the audience, for example, through Skype, auto-banners, online training.

Freelance. Work to order

In this case, having specific knowledge and skills, you carry out work to order. For example, create websites, record audio, write articles , work as a manager or administer a website, forum or group in social networks.

Pros: you need to be able to do your thing. There is an order – there is a profit.

Cons: you need time to reach the level of receiving regular orders.

Summarizing, it is worth noting that all of the above ways of earning workers. They are time-tested, viable and solve the problem of “employment”. Each way has its pros and cons. If you master one or more, you will be guaranteed to earn on the Internet.


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